My name is Jen Scott. I grew up in Massachusetts, attended college in Dubuque, Iowa, and have recently moved to Columbia, South Carolina. I have an extreme love for art, visual expression, and ceramics. I am a self-taught potter, and my studio has grown with each house we've lived in. I sell my pottery at Farmers' Markets, Craft Fairs, and through this website. I enjoy taking special orders and making mugs for coffee shops and breweries downtown.


I've been married for 16 years to my husband Seth; we have two busy kids, Suzie, who is 12, and Caleb, who is 10. We recently moved to SC from our historic Dubuque Victorian house with all its nooks, crannies, and treasures. We are acclimating to the South and enjoying the sunshine. My other passions are stained glass, sewing, reupholstering + refurbishing furniture, and gardening, but that would be way too many pages for you to look through, so follow Sunset Studio on Facebook and Instagram for that stuff.


Thanks for visiting my website; check back often for new designs and products!

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