I call these Cutlery Drainers. They are a perfect size to keep near your kitchen sink for the spatula that you wash, or the knife you don't like to put in the dishwasher, or utensils that are quickly used and rinsed. They allow your cutlery to dry standing up to save space and not have to be laid down on a towel.  There is a small drain hole in the bottom for ease of pouring out excess water. They are also perfect for all the toothbrushes and tooth paste that hang around your bathroom sink- so maybe you need 2! 
Will it slip off into the sink and break? The bottom is an unglazed rougher surface that creates some grip. I have had mine next to the sink for 2 years, fill it up over and over every day, and haven't had an accident yet.

Cutlery Drainer